Apply for an allotment

If you're interested in applying for a starter plot, read the tenancy agreement (further down this page) before applying.

Please be aware that you can only apply for a plot at one site; any applications for further plots will be rejected.


Allotment application waiting list

The waiting lists for the Auckland Road and New Street allotment sites have been temporarily closed to new applicants, due to long waiting times. A shorter waiting list exists at Fanshawe Road.

We can only allocate plots at council-managed allotment sites. To apply for a plot at a site run by an allotment society, visit the Cambridge Allotments Network website.

We'll check your application and if you meet the criteria (below) we'll tell you (by email) where on the waiting list you've been placed.  Due to the nature of the allotment system, we're unable to give any indication of how often a plot will be made available.

Council tax number

We ask you to provide your council tax number to assist us with our verification procedures.

Only people who are eligible to pay council tax in Cambridge and who live inside or within a mile of the city boundary can be given an allotment plot.

If you don't have a council tax number but wish to apply for an allotment, email

Allotment management procedures

The following documents outlining our commitment to allotment holders will be issued to new plot holders:

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