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Antisocial behaviour

It’s not easy to pinpoint exactly what antisocial behaviour is and is not. Generally, it’s anyconduct that has caused or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

If you experience antisocial behaviour, try to talk about it with the person causing offence. They might not realise they have upset you – everybody has their own opinion of what is acceptable.

If talking to the person who has offended you does not help, you should report it.

There is a clear link between this kind of low-level bad behaviour and crime. Antisocial behaviour can degrade quality of life and change how people feel about where they live. This can damage communities and encourage conditions where crime becomes easier to commit.

You should always report criminal behaviour to the police straight away. This includes hate crime, assault, intimidation, theft, and property damage. Phone 999 in an emergency, otherwise report it on theCambridgeshire Constabulary websiteor phone 101.