Advocacy, evidence and communication

We sit at the crossroad of local communities, businesses, our own operations, other local authorities, and other agencies working in and influencing the city. We're able to listen, share knowledge and ensure that multiple and sometimes competing points of view are taken into account.


We advocate, both internally and externally, for the role of arts and culture in achieving our priorities and the vision of Inspiring Cambridge.

We do this through existing networks and forums including the Greater Cambridge Partnership, and through opportunities to talk to a variety of groups.


There's an increasing amount of evidence demonstrating the wider benefits of arts and cultural engagement, both economic and social.

We share this evidence, in particular where there's a clear link back to our priorities. We also work with others to support the collection of high quality evidence.


We're a source of information about arts and culture in the city, through our website and the Cambridge Arts Network.

The network is a forum of over 1,100 people and organisations interested in arts and culture in and around Cambridge.

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