Ward boundary review

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England is reviewing the ward boundaries of Cambridge City Council. The review will examine and propose new electoral arrangements for the city council.

Our ward boundaries were last reviewed in 2002. Since then the city has grown and the pattern of where the electorate lives has changed.

The commission announced on 29 May 2018 that it proposes a council size of 42. This is no change from the current number of councillors.

The commission has closed its consultation seeking suggestions for new ward boundaries, which ran until 10 December 2018. It will publish its final proposals in February 2019. Visit the commission’s website for more information:

The commission must follow certain rules when it reviews boundaries (its statutory criteria). These are:

  • delivering electoral equality for local voters
  • interests and identities of local communities
  • effective and convenient local government

Visit the Local Government Boundary Commission for England website for information and guidance about this electoral review.

The commission is an independent body established by Parliament.

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