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Cambridge City Council

Volunteer litter picking

If you want to help us keep the city looking clean and tidy, one of the ways you can do so is by picking up litter. You can do this as an individual or by creating a local group.

By creating a local group you’ll be meeting like-minded people and getting to know your neighbours.

The benefits of getting involved in community litter picking include:

  • working together with others in your community you will harness local support for cleaning up litter
  • taking action on an issue that you care about
  • creating a nicer, cleaner and better-looking environment
  • fresh air!

If you‘re thinking of organising a litter-picking event for a group or business, contact us to ask for a copy of our ‘litter pick pack’. It has lots of useful information about planning your event.

Protective clothing and equipment

The following items should be used at all times by volunteers undertaking litter picks:

  • Reflective orange high-visibility waistcoats to clearly highlight volunteers to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Litter pickers to avoid direct contact with litter and repetitive bending.
  • Gloves to minimise contact with any dangerous materials.
  • Suitable footwear and clothing

We can, subject to availability, provide litter-picking kits for both adults and children.

Litter collection

If you have taken part in a litter pick within Cambridge and need us to collect full bags, please report it using our online form:

Please note, we can only collect bags withing the Cambridge City boundary

Service related queries

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