The Taxicard scheme helps disabled people who live in Cambridge and have a low income to pay for taxi journeys.

We are currently receiving applications for 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025. When you join the scheme, we will give you vouchers worth up to £160. The number of vouchers will reduce if you join the scheme partway through the year.

If you have received a letter inviting you to renew your Taxicard, scroll down to find out how to respond.

Some vouchers will be worth £1, and some will be worth £5. You can use them to pay some of the fare for a one-way journey. You can decide how and when to use them, including using more than one for a single trip – but you must pay at least £1 towards each fare.

You cannot give your vouchers to somebody else to use.

You must tell the operator that you intend to use vouchers when you book the taxi and give the vouchers to the driver at the end of the journey. Additional passengers can travel with you at no extra cost.

The vouchers expire after 31 March 2025. We will not issue additional vouchers before then, so you must manage their use.

Contact us if you lose your vouchers. We will issue replacement vouchers at our discretion and might apply an administration charge.

Please let us know if you change address.

If you are a Dial-a-Ride member you can use your Taxicard vouchers on the community transport bus. Additional passengers must pay to travel with you.

Renew your Taxicard

If you have received a letter inviting you to renew your Taxicard, please complete the form in the link below confirming whether or not you wish to renew your vouchers.

Renew your Taxicard

Apply for a Taxicard

You can apply for a Taxicard online. You will need to upload digital copies of supporting evidence, as well as a photograph.

Apply for a Taxicard

Contact us if you want us to send you a copy of the form.

If you have any health conditions, you will need to ask your medical practitioner to complete a Proof from a Medical Practitioner form [RTF, 0.2MB].

We will contact you before the end of March 2025 to check whether you want to continue to receive vouchers.

We change the colour of the vouchers after each scheme ends to make them easily identifiable to customers and taxi drivers.


To join the Taxicard scheme you must live in Cambridge – Council Tax for the property should be payable to Cambridge City Council. If you are not sure whether you live inside the city boundary, check who your local council is.

You must also receive one or more of the following benefits:

In addition to the above, you should also be registered blind or partially sighted, or receive at least one of the following:

If you do not receive any of the secondary allowances, you are still eligible for a Taxicard if you are unable to use public transport because:

  • You are a permanent wheelchair user
  • You cannot walk without a walking aid such as a frame or crutches
  • You cannot walk more than 100 metres
  • You are unable to stand unsupported for more than 5 minutes

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