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S106 funding rounds

Last updated: 23 February 2023.

Since 2012, we have run annual S106 funding rounds to make use of generic S106 contributions that are available in particular parts of the city. Our overview of S106 funding [PDF, 0.1MB] summarises our approach and explains more about generic and specific S106 contributions.

Most generic S106 contributions have already been spent on S106-funded projects. Some are still available, although they are now running low and are unevenly spread across the city.

2021 S106 funding round

The 2021 S106 funding round concluded with proposals for open space and play area improvements and grant applications for community facility and small public art projects being reported to the Environment and Community Scrutiny Committee on 7 October 2021

The recommendations were agreed by the relevant Executive Councillors.

Next S106 funding round

During 2022/23, the council has taken stock of the remaining generic S106 funds, which are dwindling and unevenly spread across the city. As a result, the next generic funding round will now take place in 2023/24 (more details to be announced by the end of March 2023).

Given that the remaining generic S106 funds for play area and open space improvements is now available only in particular parts of the city, the development of proposals for the use of these S106 contribution types will focus on discussions with councillors in the relevant wards.

There will be a grants application process for S106 community facilities and sports funding. This will invite applications from local community and sports groups (in those wards where the relevant S106 funding is available) for small-scale improvements to the equipment, furnishings and equipment at their facilities, which could help them to provide additional benefit to their local communities.

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