The Neighbourhood Team organises a range of events, projects and activities in your area, these events are often run in partnership with local groups and organisations. For more information about projects and events contact the  Community Development Officer for the Romsey area,  Simon Aslett at  or 01223 471674.  

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Mill Road Coordinator

The Mill Road Coordinator, Tim Jones, works in support of community groups and businesses in Mill Road. He organises local events and promotional activities, as well as providing assistance to the Mill Road Traders' Association.

Contact Tim at,, or


Networking lunches

Check when networking lunches are planned for Romsey and other areas.

Ross Street Community Centre

For details of projects that run at Ross Street Community Centre, contact Simon Aslett (details above).

Other resources

The Mill Road Bridges group brings together residents in the area and encourages communication between groups and individuals. Lots more information, and links to other groups, on the Mill Road website.

The Mill Road TV YouTube channel brings you news and information about local people and events.


The Mill Road Bridges newsletter is produced by the Mill Road Bridges Group and covers the Petersfield and Romsey areas.

To submit articles, contact Pam Wesson at, or visit the Mill Road website for more information. The current edition and the archive can be found here:

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