Report an abandoned bike

We investigate all reports of abandoned bicycles except those at the train station, which are the responsibility of Abellio Greater Anglia.

When you report an abandoned bike you will be asked to provide details of the make, model, colour and any identifying features of the bicycle. You will also be asked to describe its location, and what makes you think it is abandoned.

Report an abandoned bike

We will place a sticker on the bike to warn that it appears to be abandoned and will be removed if it is not claimed.

We remove any bike that remains unclaimed after seven days. We store it for a further two weeks to enable a claim to be made, then recycle it if it is not claimed.

Bicycles that are causing an obstruction may be taken away without notice.

If we have to remove a bike that is locked to another bike, we give details to the British Transport Police before taking it to Parkside Police Station where it is stored.

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