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Cambridge City Council

Get your coronavirus vaccination at walk-in clinics in and around Cambridge – no appointment needed, but wear a face mask

Online payments temporarily unavailable on Sunday morning

The system provider will apply routine security updates between 4.30 and 6.30am on Sunday 17 October.

Report a problem with street furniture

We look after most benches on streets and in parks, street name signs and many of the bus shelters in the city.

If you see a bench, sign or bus shelter that needs our attention, use our form to tell us about the problem.

Report a problem with street furniture

Please be as specific as possible when you describe the location of the problem. If you can take a photo of the damage you can attach it to the form.

We will visit the site within 7 days and take appropriate action.

You can also tell us if a litter bin is overflowing with waste or is damaged, or if a collection might have been missed.

Report a problem with a litter bin

The county council is responsible for other street furniture such as streetlights, road signs, traffic lights, traffic cameras, bollards and barriers. Items on private land are the landowner’s responsibility.

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