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Cambridge City Council

Report a problem with a litter bin

We have installed bins for litter, recycling, and dog waste all around the city. We empty them all regularly.

If you notice one that is overflowing, unclean or damaged, report it using our online form.

If the bin is contaminated with blood, urine, vomit, faeces, broken glass or drug-related litter, please report dangerous litter or bodily waste.

Our form to report a problem is not working at the moment. Please phone us to tell us where you have seen the problem and we’ll report it for you.

We aim to empty overflowing bins within three days, clean dirty bins within seven days, and repair or replace damaged bins within seven days.

Map of bins

  • Blue markers: Litter bins
  • Green markers: Recycling bins
  • Red markers: Dog-waste bins – you can also use normal litter bins

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