A punt tour along the world famous college ‘backs’ is one of the pleasures of a visit to Cambridge.

There are six authorised punt stations in Cambridge. From north to south along the river, they are:

  • La Mimosa, on the corner of Jesus Green
  • Quayside
  • Trinity College, inside the college grounds
  • The Mill Pond, on Silver Street
  • Mill Lane
  • The Granta mill pond, near Sheeps Green

Our punting in Cambridge leaflet [PDF, 1.5MB] shows the authorised punt stations on a map.

You can buy tickets online, at each location, or from our visitor information centre at the Guildhall. Please don’t buy tickets from King’s Parade or Market Square, as illegal punt operators sell tours from these locations.

Code of practice

The companies trading from the authorised punt stations have all signed up to our voluntary code of practice for the visitor industry [PDF, 60kB]. This code limits touting to areas adjacent to their business.

The code also limits the number of touts and requires them to be identifiable and includes guidelines on when and how potential customers can be approached.

Licensing, enforcement and action

Punt stations in Cambridge must be licensed by the Conservators of the River Cam.

Only businesses operating from one of the six authorised punt stations will be issued with a commercial licence.

Notices will be served on unlicensed punts. When a notice is served, the punt owner has seven days to respond. After this, an abandonment notice is placed on the punt requiring its removal within 14 days. If the punt is not removed by the owner, the Conservators will remove it.

A number of notices have already been served. The majority have been on punts working from Garret Hostel Lane, which is not a licensed punt station. As a result, punt touts working for businesses trading from Garret Hostel Lane have reduced in number.

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