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Cambridge City Council

Neighbourhood area designations

We have designated one neighbourhood area.

South Newnham

A neighbourhood area in the south of Newnham ward was designated in March 2017. This following a six-week consultation period and the consideration of comments by the Development Plan Scrutiny Sub-Committee.

The area was proposed by the South Newnham Neighbourhood Forum.

Redesignation of the neighbourhood forum

South Newnham Neighbourhood Forum applied in April 2022 for redesignation so it can continue to prepare the plan.

A six-week consultation was carried out and the comments considered by the Executive Councillor for Planning and Infrastructure who approved the redesignation of the Forum on 21 July 2022.

Contact details

Email the South Newnham Neighbourhood Forum at

To view the South Newnham Neighbourhood Forum, please visit the Newnham forum website. 

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