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Cambridge City Council

Lost and stray dogs

If you find a stray dog during our office hours, phone us to tell us about it. We’ll arrange to collect the dog from you. If you find a stray dog outside our office hours, please keep it overnight and contact us on the next working day.

Alternatively, if you are able, you can take the dog to Wood Green Animal Shelter. Call them on 0300 303 9333 first, or 07775 847752 out of office hours.

If your dog goes missing, contact us to find out whether we have picked it up following a report of it as a stray. You should also contact Wood Green Animal Shelter to check whether they know where it is.

If we have not picked up your dog, we’ll add its description to our register of lost dogs and will contact you if we do find it. Give us as many details as possible about the dog and where it was last seen.

You can advertise lost dogs on websites including Animal Search UK, Dog Lost, and the National Pet Register.

Claim a stray dog

If we pick up your dog following reports of it being a stray, we are entitled to charge you for all reasonably incurred expenses, including one or more of the following:

  • Statutory fee (mandatory): £25 per dog
  • Kennelling charges: £17.50 per dog per night
  • Transport charge to Wood Green Animal Shelter (in office hours): £70
  • Kennelling administration cost: £55 per dog

You will also have to pay for any veterinary treatments that were administered if your dog was ill or injured when we picked it up.

You must pay these charges by phone before we will release your dog to you.