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LATEST NEWS: Updated  17 November 2017

The Councils received a letter from the Inspectors on 15 November 2017 in response to their publication of the working correspondence with the Inspectors.

Working Correspondence with Inspectors: 14 November 2017

The Planning Inspectors examining our Local Plan and also the Cambridge Local Plan closed the hearings in July and advised that they anticipated that consultation will take place during Autumn 2017 on Main Modifications that they consider may be necessary to ensure the Local Plans can be found ‘sound’ and adopted.

During the last few weeks, there have been several exchanges of correspondence between the Councils and the Inspectors. During these exchanges, Inspectors have asked Council officers to assist in the preparation of the above-mentioned modifications which are to be consulted on. This stage has not yet been completed, but you can view this working correspondence between the Councils and the inspectors up to this point on the Local Plan review: Post-submission correspondence with the Inspectorwebpage.

The documents cover some of the changes the Inspectors have suggested they believe may need to be consulted on.

Once the inspectors are content that they have a complete final list of the modifications that they consider may be necessary to make the plan ‘sound’, they will write to the Council and formally ask us to undertake a consultation.

The consultation provides the opportunity to comment on the specific detailed changes put forward but it does not reopen the debate on other matters. These other matters include the modifications which we consulted on from December 2015 to January 2016.

An update will be provided once the content and timings around this upcoming consultation are confirmed.

The working correspondence can be viewed on the Local Plan review: Post-submission correspondence with the Inspectorwebpage.

Inspector Notes

The Inspector has issued Inspector Note 1 (RD/Gen/150) which relates to the context for hearings on site allocations, strategy and omissions sites at the Local Plan Examination. 

The Inspector has issued Inspector Note 2 (RD/Gen/151) which relates to appearances in relation to the Proposed Modifications representations.

The Programme Officer has issued a note which relates to the issues to be covered in the joint hearings.

An overview of the examination process is available on the Examination homepage.

Pre-Hearing Meeting

The pre-hearing meeting took place on Thursday 11 September 2014. The pre-hearing meeting was for both the Cambridge Local Plan and South Cambridgeshire Local Plan Examinations and explained the format of the examination. The Inspector has issued Notes from the meeting [PDF, 249kB], which provide a summary of the main points raised.

The Inspector has issued Guidance notes for those participating in the examination explaining the examination process in more detail.

Hearing Sessions

The Inspector will hold hearing sessions. Hearings are an opportunity for the Inspector to clarify and/or seek additional information on any issues relating to the 'soundness' of the Local Plan.

An updated  Hearings Programme (Version 23) [PDF, 303kB] has been published giving further details, including dates where available, on future hearings blocks for both the Cambridge City Local Plan and South Cambridgeshire District Local Plan examinations. You are advised to regularly check for updates if you have an interest in future hearings.

Information relating to South Cambridgeshire only hearing sessions are published on South Cambridgeshire Examinations Page.

The first blocks of hearing sessions set out in the Hearings Programme (version 7) dealt with joint matters relating to the Cambridge Local Plan and the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan.

Members of the public are allowed to attend the examination hearing sessions to observe proceedings.

On 22 September a letter was sent to all respondents to the Cambridge Local Plan and South Cambridgeshire District Council Local Plan Proposed Submission consultations, via post or email. The letter provided notification of the start of the Local Plans examinations including dates and venues, a letter from the planning inspector, meeting notes from the pre hearing meeting, witness lists, the hearings programme and the main matters and issues. A copy of this letter is attached below.


Main matters and issues

The Inspector has issued:

These list the matters and issues identified to date and will be updated in due course as the Inspector decides on the matters and issues to be considered in the next blocks of hearing sessions.

Matters and issues relating to South Cambridgeshire only hearing sessions are published on South Cambridgeshire Examinations Page.

All written statements submitted to inform the hearing sessions are published on the Written Statements webpage. Statements must be limited to 3,000 words per matter. Further information on this is provided in the  Statement for Hearings notice [PDF, 42kB].

Programme Officer

Gloria Alexander is the Programme Officer who is assisting the Inspectors. All correspondence relating to the examination should be addressed to Gloria Alexander:

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