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Leaflet and indoor poster distribution

Our Arts Distribution Service offers leaflet and indoor poster distribution as a cost-effective way of distributing publicity, with hundreds of outlets around Cambridge.

There are two types of distribution available:

  • General distribution covers more than 40 leaflet racks in locations such as theatres, pubs and venues around the city centre, as well as the park and ride sites. We usually distribute leaflets every Wednesday - you must make sure we receive them by Monday to be included.
  • Targeted leaflet and poster distribution distributes your leaflets and posters to specific types of establishment such as schools and colleges, hotels and guest houses, and businesses. Targeted rounds are made approximately every four weeks.

General leaflet distribution

We usually restock the leaflet racks in the city centre every Wednesday. You must make sure we receive your leaflets by Monday for distribution later that week.

Distribution is priced according to the number of pages in the leaflet.

Cost of distribution to leaflet racks (per 1,000 leaflets)
Number of pages Cost
Single page £45
2 to 6 pages £48
8 or more pages £50

Targeted leaflet and poster distribution

If you require a more specific publicity campaign, the monthly targeted runs will be most suitable.

With targeted distribution we can offer both leaflet and poster distribution on most rounds except hotels and guest houses. If you wish to have both leaflets and posters distributed on a particular targeted run, the cost is doubled.

Targeted rounds are done roughly every four weeks, so be sure to get your print to us in good time before the event you are promoting.

Cost of targeted leaflet and poster distribution
Venue Posters Leaflets
Businesses £55 £55
Colleges £55 £55
Guest houses and hotels Service not offered £70
Junior and secondary shools, youth and community centres £70 £70

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