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Cambridge City Council

Help reduce air pollution

There is plenty you can try to do to help reduce air pollution.

Avoid using a car for short trips. Modern engines need to reach a very high temperature to work efficiently – they can’t do that in just a few miles.

Cycle or walk, or use public transport. Cycling and walking are both good alternatives as they help you to stay healthy and save you money in fuel costs.

Drive more slowly and smoothly to use less fuel.

Turn off your engine in a traffic jam or when waiting at level crossings. This will save fuel as well as reducing emissions.

Consider using an alternative-fuel vehicle. There is a growing market for electric vehicles and a network of local charging points.

Work at home occasionally or share your journey to work with other commuters.

Use less energy at home – burning coal, oil and gas contributes to air pollution.

Find out more about air pollution at the Clean Air Hub.