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Cambridge City Council

Food business registration

All premises used for a food business are required by law to be registered. This includes market stalls, delivery vehicles and other mobile food premises.

Registration allows local authorities to keep an up-to-date list of all those premises in their area so they can visit them when they need to.

The frequency of the visits will depend on the type of business.

We recommend you read the Food Standards Agency's information about starting a food business and food hygiene for businesses before registering your business.

Registration cannot be refused and there is no charge. However, if you use the premises in more than one local authority area, you must register with each authority separately.


All application forms are hosted on the government’s website.

You must register a food business when you start one, take over an existing one or move the business to a new address. You must do this at least 28 days before opening.

You will need approval if your business makes, prepares or handles products of animal origin including meat, dairy, and fish, to supply them to other businesses. If you think you need approval, contact us before you apply.

Your information

A register of addresses and the type of business carried out at these will be open to inspection by the general public.

Other information provided will not be publicly available and will not be disclosed outside of the council, local government departments and government agencies.

The details will be used only for the purpose of registration, enforcement and the protection of public funds.

Changing your information

Once you have registered you only need to notify us if:

  • the business proprietor changes - a new proprietor must complete an application form
  • the nature of the business changes
  • the address at which movable premises are kept changes

If we wish to change the entry in the register because of information received from someone else, you will be given 28 days notice and an opportunity to comment on the proposed change.

If you have any questions about the licence or application process, contact our licensing team, details below.

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