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Cambridge City Council

Filming in Cambridge

You are welcome to film in Cambridge, and you do not need a licence to do so but please let us know in advance.

If we know you’re coming we can tell you about any potential problems with the dates and locations you plan to be here.

Permission from other bodies

If you need traffic management on public roads, you must seek permission 12 weeks in advance from the county council. Give them 6 weeks’ notice for any filming that does not need traffic management.

If you want to film on private property, ask permission from the landowner or tenant.

If you want to film in front of a business, ask permission from the manager.

If you want to film on the River Cam, contact the Conservators of the River Cam.

If you want to film inside any of the shops on King’s Parade between Bene’t Street and St Edward’s Passage, contact Corpus Christi College.

Your responsibilities

When filming in Cambridge, you should:

  • Keep roads and paths free of trailing cables and obstructions
  • Keep clear of fire exits and building entrances
  • Keep the number of crew and actors to a minimum
  • Adhere to the Civil Aviation Authority’s drone code if you plan to use a drone-mounted camera

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