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Cambridge City Council

Debt and money advice

Many of us are concerned about and have been affected by the rising cost of living.

Brexit, the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine have contributed to food, energy, fuel and other household expenses getting more expensive.

Urgent help and advice

If you are in need of immediate help, Cambridge Citizen’s Advice offer free, confidential advice online, over the phone, or in person by appointment.

They can direct you to specific organisations, businesses, and charities that offer immediate help if you’re:

  • unable to provide food for yourself and your family
  • experiencing a reduction or cut in wages
  • self-employed and need help
  • unable to pay your rent, mortgage, Council Tax, or household bills
  • without internet access
  • having financial anxieties that are impacting your mental health

Longer-term help and advice

Cambridge Citizen’s Advice also provide advice on their website about:

  • money and debt management
  • help with paying energy bills
  • reducing your living costs
  • maximising your income
  • access to food

Their cost of living advice webpage is a good place to start.