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Customer awareness training for taxi drivers: Safeguarding, equality and protection

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk.

As a taxi or private hire vehicle driver, you may observe incidents that nobody else does – so we believe it is crucial to equip our licensees with the basic skills and knowledge necessary to identify and respond appropriately to safeguarding concerns.

Therefore, all holders of taxi and private hire licences are required to attend our Customer Awareness: Safeguarding, Equality and Protection training course and pass the short test at the end, and attend refresher training every three years.

The course covers:

  • The safeguarding of children, young persons and adults
  • Child sexual exploitation and trafficking
  • Categories of abuse
  • How to report a safeguarding concern
  • Awareness of equality and disability
  • Wheelchair accessibility and assistance dogs
  • General customer service

We are currently looking into providing the course direct for operators and their licensed drivers, and will be in contact with those affected in due course.

Report a safeguarding concern

If you witness something that concerns you, report a safeguarding concern online. This service is for the use of licence holders only.

The course

The course consists of a seminar and test and lasts approximately two hours, although we recommend that you make allowances, including parking arrangements, for three hours.

The training course is initially free for existing licence holders. If you are a new driver or non-driver proprietor applicant then you will need to pay a fee.

We do not accept any other qualifications as an acceptable substitute for attending – the course has been specifically designed for Cambridge taxi and private hire licence holders.

You must bring your licence badge, DVLA licence or passport as identification. You will not be allowed to complete the course without identification.

Unless otherwise specified the training will take place at council offices. No parking is available at any of our sites so you will need to make your own parking and transport arrangements.

The training sessions have been designed with accessibility in mind. Contact us in advance of your course date if you have any concerns so we can consider any necessary adjustments.

We will give you at least one month’s notice of your course date. Due to the large number of licensed drivers we need to train, we are unable to provide you with a choice of dates for the training. We ask you to make every effort to attend the course you are invited to – contact us if you are unable to do so. If you continually fail to attend the course the Licensing Sub-Committee may review your licence.

The test

The test is a 15-question multiple-choice test about the topics covered in the seminar. Everything you need to complete the test will be provided. Each question has four options, only one of which is correct.

You will have 20 minutes to complete the test. If you fail to answer all of the questions, you will be marked on those that you did answer.

We will tell you whether you passed the test within 10 working days. If you fail, you will be invited to retake the test at a later date. Failure to pass the test within three attempts is likely to result in your licence being reviewed by the Licensing Sub-Committee.