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Community risk register

The community risk register is a collection of assessments of emergencies that might happen locally. Each potential emergency is rated in terms of its potential impact and likelihood of occurring.

The register is the first step in the emergency planning process – it ensures planned responses are proportionate to the risk.

The register aims:

  • to ensure that local responders understand the risks they face, to provide a sound foundation for planning
  • to provide a work programme and to ensure efficient allocation of resources to enable local responders to assess the adequacy of their plans
  • to facilitate and encourage multi-agency working which ensures a more comprehensive planning process
  • to provide an accessible overview of the emergency planning context for the public and other interested parties.

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Community Risk Register is a living document that details the risks within Cambridgeshire. A ‘risk’ for the purpose of the register is one that can lead to a major emergency.