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Community provision review 2016-17

We are completing a review of our community centres.

A vision and draft proposals were developed for the future of community centres. These were set out in a draft Community Centres Strategy [PDF, 3MB].

The outcomes and vision we are seeking to achieve from the review are:

Council-supported community centres are located in the right areas of the city to address the greatest needs:

  • They are financially sustainable and provide accessible, joined up services to residents
  • They effectively contribute to the delivery of the council's corporate priorities in a cost efficient way
  • The council has successful partnership arrangements in place with the voluntary sector and other agencies that meet the needs of local communities
  • Council community development resource and activities are flexible to meet changing needs of the city

A 12-week consultation was completed on the draft strategy, between 13 February and 5 May 2017.

Approved proposals

The consultation showed strong support for our overall vision, and for draft proposals relating to the following six community centres. These were approved by the Executive Councillor for Communities on 29 June 2017.

  • Ross Street Community Centre: Seek to lease the centre to a voluntary organisation, with an agreement to safeguard community use. If a suitable organisation cannot be found, the council will retain management of the centre.
  • Nun's Way Pavilion: Explore options for a suitable alternative community space, keeping the centre operational in the meantime. When alternative space is found options for leasing the pavilion to a voluntary organisation will be explored. If none are viable, then the pavilion could be used for sports use only.
  • 37 Lawrence Way: Explore options for a suitable alternative community space, keeping the centre operational in the meantime. When alternative community space is found the premises will be returned to council housing stock.
  • 82 Akeman Street: Replace the community space as part of the proposed housing project here, in consultation with the community.
  • Brown's Field Youth and Community Centre: Retain as a council-managed community centre, ensuring community access.
  • Trumpington Pavilion: Continue to work with Trumpington Resident's Association towards greater sustainability and independence.

The consultation findings showed strong support for a new community hub on the site of the Meadows Community Centre. Redevelopment of Buchan Street Neighbourhood Centre for housing was not supported at this time. Modified proposals were therefore developed and approved on 29 June 2017 for these two centres:

  • The Meadows Community Centre and Buchan Street Neighbourhood Centre: Completion of a full feasibility study for both centres. To explore with local groups, partners and centre users whether the community hub can be delivered at the Meadows. And to further explore options for Buchan Street.

Four key principles have underpinned the development of the recommendations:

  • They will provide the council with a clear corporate steer now and for the future
  • They are supported by robust evidence
  • They will support change from current provision to the future vision in a supportive way
  • They have been developed in a way that seeks to avoid creating instability for the local community

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