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Cambridge City Council

Clean air zone

In 2004 Cambridge designated the city centre as an air quality management area due to high levels of nitrogen dioxide.

In 2019 we undertook a Feasibility Study to investigate whether introducing one or more clean air zones in Cambridge would help reduce air pollution. The Feasibility Study was funded by the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP). Cambridgeshire County Council also took part as the Highways Authority for Cambridge, responsible for roads in the city.

The Feasibility Study report can be found on the GCP website.

Other measures

We’re also implementing other measures to improve air quality in the city, such as improving cycling and walking facilities.

And we’re working with local taxi firms and bus operators to encourage the use of ultra-low and zero-emission vehicles.

Further actions that we are undertaking are outlined in our Air Quality Action Plan.

Sustainable Travel Zone

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) is also considering introducing a Sustainable Travel Zone as part of the Making Connections Programme.

The Sustainable Travel Zone is a zone which implements a charge on vehicles to enter the zone. Further details of the Sustainable Travel Zone can be found on the GCP website, within the Making Connections programme work.

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