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Cambridge City Council

Clay Farm community garden

Hobson Avenue, Clay Farm, Cambridge

The outline planning application for the Clay Farm Centre, which was approved in 2010, included space for a community garden and allotment.

It was envisaged that the design of the garden would be guided by local residents and interested parties. Alongside some food production, it would provide amenity space and biodiversity enhancements. We will work with the local community to agree what form these might take.

We will inherit ownership of the community garden on the satisfactory completion of the works associated with the planning application. This includes replacing the temporary building with a permanent one for people using the garden and Clay Farm allotment tenants. It also includes work such as laying paths around and through the garden, and planting structural trees.

Communal building

A condition of the original application being approved was that the plan must include a communal building.

Countryside Properties, the site developer and current landowner, have come up with a proposed design for the building.

The developer consulted with the community garden steering group and local residents to inform the design.

If you have not commented on the design and would like to do so, you will have the opportunity soon, when the application is submitted for approval.

Steering group

A steering group to represent local groups and residents was set up in 2018. It was set up by Countryside Properties, the site developer and current landowner, to support the early stages of development.

After discussion with residents, the group is in the process of reforming with a clearer mandate.

The groups meet every two months.


The Clay Farm Garden group ran a consultation about the community garden for seven weeks in autumn 2018.

7,000 leaflets were distributed, including one to every local home being included with the Trumpet parish magazine. The consultation was also advertised on flyers and social media.

We received 33 responses. Countryside Properties will consider them all and incorporate them into their final design for the garden.

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