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Biography of the mayor

Cllr Gawthrope was born in grannie’s house in Bramley Leeds 1957. He moved to Cambridge in 1962 where he has remained.

Cllr Gawthrope attended St. Luke’s, St Pauls, The Grove Primary and Cambridge Grammar School for Boys, before completing an apprenticeship at CCAT in 1978.

He has moved within Cambridge a number of times, residing in the following locations: Bateson Road, Princes Street, Campkin Road, Grange Road, Arbury Road, Severn Place, Ekin Road, Colville Road, Hurst Park Avenue and Perse Way.

Cllr Gawthrope met his wife, Jenny, at his sister’s birthday party, followed by a further meeting at Cambridge BSAC. A couple of years later they moved in together and 10 years later they married. Cllr Gawthrope’s pet name for Jenny is ‘Head Office’ because she keeps him organised.

Jenny was the East of England Regional statistician for ONS until 2013 when she took an early retirement. Since then she has been the treasurer for the local branch of Parkinson’s UK. Jenny is not only his wife - she’s his best friend!

Cllr Gawthrope began his career as a bookbinder for Cambridge University Press (1974/2012), moving on to MPG Printgroup up to 2013. He faced a short period of unemployment before taking on the role of Trade Union tutor for Unite/Industrial relations consultant. During 2016/17 he worked at the Judge Business School before securing his current role as a porter at Clare College.

Cllr Gawthrope has an impressive background representing a huge range of people, including the following achievements:

  • Trade Union Representative
  • Father of the Chapel at Cambridge University Press 1980/2013
  • Branch Committee member 1981/2013
  • SOGAT’s Regional Education Co-ordinator 1988/91
  • Regional Committees (SOGAT, GPMU, Amicus, Unite) 1984/2013
  • National Sector committee 2003/2014
  • Union conference delegate 1984/2013
  • TUC delegate 1990/2014
  • Member of UNITE delegation to Bolivia 2008
  • Unite delegate to ALBA conference (Managua) 2009
  • Delegate to the USW Paperworkers conference (Pittsburgh) 2010
  • Delegate to Uni Global/ Uni Europa conference 2011

After representing working people, specifically print workers for 30 years Cllr Gawthrope wanted to branch out and represent working people in the community. A Labour party member since the 1990s, he specifically wanted to represent the area where he spent his formative years, namely King's Hedges, and was elected in 2012 followed by re-election in 2016.

In his time on the council he has served on various committees: Licensing, Planning, Civic Affairs, Housing Scrutiny, Environment Scrutiny (Chair), Joint Staff Employment Forum (Chair), Employment Appeals panel and the Development Plan Scrutiny Sub Committee (Vice Chair).

He is a keen motorcyclist, SCUBA diver, underwater photographer and a lifelong Leeds United supporter.

Cllr Gawthrope’s aim is to bring the mayoralty to the people, to be very approachable, and to that end he will not be wearing the official gown except when protocol dictates.

He wants to focus primarily on the community, working with the business and educational communities to target the massive inequalities that exists within the city.

Internationalism has been a big part of his working life and he is fully aware of the importance foreign investment brings to the city and that this also needs to be nurtured, keeping Cambridge a rich diversity of cultures that make it such a vibrant place.

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