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Cambridge City Council

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Anti-Poverty Strategy

We want to build a fairer Cambridge and help improve the standard of living for individuals and communities on a low income in the city.

We have a direct impact on poverty through the different types of services we provide, how these services are targeted and how capital and revenue budgets is spent. We also works closely with a range of partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors to support residents on low incomes.

To help make a difference, we reviewed the available evidence about poverty in Cambridge and asked people living on low incomes, and representatives of other public agencies and community and voluntary sector groups, what they felt the key issues were.

In response to the evidence and this consultation, we produced an action plan showing what we will do to help reduce poverty in Cambridge. This is set out in our Anti-Poverty Strategy.

Over time we will review what we have done and develop new project ideas, so the strategy continues to be relevant and we continue to support residents on low incomes.

You can find out more about our strategy below.

You can also follow the development of the strategy through reports to the council, below.

You can follow our progress in delivering the strategy through the reports below: