Allotments on growth sites

Allotments are being built at many of the growth sites in Cambridge. Residents will be able to apply for a plot on the site they live at.

Applications are currently open for the following postcode addresses at Clay Farm, Glebe Farm, and Trumpington Meadows, with other sites to follow soon.

Clay Farm (aka Great Kneighton): Phase 1

  • CB2 9AN
  • CB2 9AP
  • CB2 9AQ
  • CB2 9AR
  • CB2 9AS
  • CB2 9AT
  • CB2 9AU
  • CB2 9AW
  • CB2 9AX
  • CB2 9BA
  • CB2 9BB
  • CB2 9BD
  • CB2 9BE
  • CB2 9BF
  • CB2 9BG
  • CB2 9BH
  • CB2 9BN
  • CB2 9BL
  • CB2 9BW
  • CB2 9BX
  • CB2 9BY
  • CB2 9BZ
  • CB2 9DA
  • CB2 9DB
  • CB2 9DD
  • CB2 9DE
  • CB2 9DF
  • CB2 9DG
  • CB2 9DH
  • CB2 9DJ
  • CB2 9DL
  • CB2 9DN
  • CB2 9DP
  • CB2 9DQ
  • CB2 9DW
  • CB2 9DU
  • CB2 9DS
  • CB2 9DT
  • CB2 9DR

Glebe Farm: Phase 1

  • CB2 9NS
  • CB2 9NT
  • CB2 9NY
  • CB2 9NZ
  • CB2 9PA
  • CB2 9PB
  • CB2 9PD
  • CB2 9PF
  • CB2 9PG
  • CB2 9PH
  • CB2 9PJ
  • CB2 9PL
  • CB2 9PN
  • CB2 9PP
  • CB2 9PQ
  • CB2 9PR
  • CB2 9PS

Nine Wells (Bell School)

  • CB2 0AL
  • CB2 0AN
  • CB2 0AP
  • CB2 0AR
  • CB2 0AQ
  • CB2 0AS

Trumpington Meadows: Phase 1

  • CB2 9AB
  • CB2 9AE
  • CB2 9AD
  • CB2 9AE
  • CB2 9AF
  • CB2 9AG
  • CB2 9AH
  • CB2 9AJ
  • CB2 9AL
  • CB2 9BJ
  • CB2 9BP
  • CB2 9BQ
  • CB2 9BS
  • CB2 9BT
  • CB2 9BU

Find out more about applying for an allotment.

Demand for an allotment plot is likely to be high, so to ensure a fair approach you'll be asked to register interest by applying to the relevant allotment waiting list.

Each plot allocated is a ‘starter plot’. These small plots allow more people to enjoy allotment gardening, meet growing demand and give you an opportunity to decide if having an allotment is for you. In time, larger plots will be made available to existing tenants, who will release their starter plot to the next applicant on the waiting list.

The first plots will be allocated according to our growth sites allotment allocation policy [PDF, 14kB] (from 1 October 2014). A percentage of permanent plots will be allocated, depending on occupation levels within the development, with the remainder of the site given over to temporary twelve-month lease plots.

This process will be repeated every October; a tenant might retain the same temporary plot for several years until the development has been completed. A phasing plan for allocation of permanent plot allocation will be made available.

For more details about our overall approach to the new neighbourhoods around Cambridge visit our Urban growth section.

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