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Cambridge City Council

Why Cambridge is growing

Cambridge is a successful city with a world-class reputation for education, science and innovation, research and knowledge-based industries, and its historic environment. It is a major focus for employment. The high-value Cambridge Cluster is crucial to the UK’s economy and its international competitiveness.

Urban growth in new neighbourhoods is needed to meet high demand for housing and to help the local economy continue to prosper. The focus is on making sure Cambridge continues to be a great place in which to live, work and learn – for both existing and new residents.

More information

The new Cambridge Local Plan (adopted in October 2018) sets out the planning framework to guide the future development of Cambridge to 2031. See the review of the Local Plan.

Greater Cambridge Partnership

The Greater Cambridge Partnership aims to ensure that the success of the area continues by investing in the transport infrastructure, housing and skills needed to see future economic growth.

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