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Cambridge City Council

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Housing portal maintenance 14 April

The housing portal will be unavailable between 6pm and 9pm this evening. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Who is responsible for repairs and maintenance?

It is our job to maintain the structure of your home. We also look after many of the fixtures and fittings.

We will not repair any alterations or extra items that you have fitted.

Some things we are responsible for

  • Drains – but contact Anglian Water on 03457 145145 for blocked manholes 
  • Gutters and outdoor pipes
  • Roofing, outside walls and chimneys
  • Outside doors and windows
  • Outside paintwork
  • Steps and paths to the front door and around the property to the back door
  • Boundary walls and fences
  • Outside sheds and stores which we provided
  • Floors, skirting boards, door frames and kitchen units
  • Heating and hot-water units
  • Electric, gas and water services and fittings, including basins, sinks, baths, toilets, pipes and wiring

Boilers and radiators installed over 12 months ago are looked after by our heating contractors Mears - phone 03332 070 766 to arrange repair work.

Some things you are responsible for

  • TV aerials (see advice below)
  • Tap washers – see our guide to how to change a tap washer [PDF, 0.6MB]
  • Internal walls, ceilings, and doors
  • Window glass (see exceptions below)
  • Replacing fuses, plugs and light bulbs (download this guide to changing 2D bathroom lights) [PDF, 30Kb]
  • Decorating the inside of your home (see exceptions below)
  • Sweeping your chimney (if you use solid fuel)
  • Repairing any item that you fitted yourself or that was fitted by a past tenant
  • Shelves (unless part of the structure)
  • Your garden (see advice below)
  • Cleaning waste-water gullies outside your kitchen
  • Repairing tiles around fire surrounds
  • Renewing door handles, hinges and latches on inside doors
  • Repairing your own washing lines, posts and rotary driers (if you live in a house)
  • Replacing gate fittings (if you live in a house)
  • Repairs to back-garden paths
  • Renewing curtain rails (but not if they were provided as part of the original building or if you live in a sheltered scheme)
  • Renewing a broken toilet seat
  • Renewing waste plugs and chains on sinks and baths
  • TV and telephone sockets

We may be able to do these jobs for you if you are older or disabled and there is no-one else living with you who can help.

It's very important to use properly qualified workers when carrying out your own repairs. Failing to do so can lead to expensive and even dangerous mistakes.

TV aerial

Tenants are responsible for their TV aerial. If you are having problems with your aerial, take a look at this handy guide [PDF, 0.2MB]


It is your responsibility to keep your home in a good state of decoration. We will give you decoration vouchers if we consider that your home needs redecorating when you move in. You can exchange the vouchers for materials at major DIY stores in the city.

Your garden

It is your responsibility to look after your garden. You need permission to dig a pond, and you should make sure it is safely covered when children are near.

Window cleaning

You are responsible for cleaning the windows of your home. We will clean shared windows in flats and maisonettes. If you live in a sheltered scheme and your front door opens onto a corridor, we will arrange for your windows to be cleaned.

Getting rid of your rubbish

We are responsible for collecting your household rubbish and garden waste. If you want to get rid of something large, you can ask us to collect it (there will be charge for this) or take it to a local tip yourself.


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