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Leading our services

There is a real job to do here and real changes that you can help us deliver.
We have achieved a lot as a council and we are proud of those achievements but there is still a lot more to do. We don’t rest on our laurels; we always keep focused on the next improvements we need to make.

We want you to help shape our future direction as a key member of our Senior Management team and as part of this, to lead on a key service area. The three roles we are recruiting too all need to work well together, and with our other heads of Services.

As Head of Housing, you will lead on housing management and tenancy support to our 8,800 tenants and leaseholders, promote tenant engagement, and work with our Estates and Open Spaces teams to ensure that the quality of the environment around our homes is improved. Your will need to work closely with other agencies on housing support, and the pending roll-out of Universal Credit. As our new homes are developed, your team plays a key role in supporting new communities to develop. Leading on homelessness, you will work with others to evaluate our innovative programme on rough sleeping and to continue to develop new solutions – whilst working strategically to identify future options for new housing delivery to meet the housing crisis in our city and sub-region.

As Head of Housing Development, you will lead a team to deliver 500 new Council homes over the next five years. Many of these will be delivered through our Investment Partnership, so your relationship with Hill, our partner developer, is key; but your relationships with other stakeholders are just as important, to ensure that we engage local communities, and learn from our tenants as we go. Our developments include small sites on our own land, but also ambitious opportunities, mixed-use schemes, land swaps and commercial negotiations. We need to continue to explore options for future delivery, and evaluate the best design solution and delivery option for each site. You will be the Council’s technical lead on development as well as leading your team.

As Head of Estates and Facilities, your team leads on providing technical surveying, construction and building management expertise to the Council corporately, ensuring compliance with health and safety in our buildings and in our commercial activities. Corporately, you lead on Facilities management and Emergency Planning, and have a key role to play in supporting the rationalisation of our office accommodation through refurbishments and office moves. Within housing, you will continue the transformation of our service, supporting an extensive staff development and training package – accompanied by cultural change and renewed focus on customer care and performance. We have just completed our first house building for many years: you will work with staff to plan and deliver an expansion of this delivery programme alongside the more routine work of the service in carrying out day-to-day repairs to Council homes.

All three Heads of Service will be responsible for delivering key parts of our efficiency strategy:

  • Transforming the way the council delivers services by focusing on what is important to services users, doing that well and sharing with neighbouring councils, where possible, to reduce costs and create more resilient teams
  • Supporting teams to move to more flexible ways or working, to allow us to reduce the number of council offices and reusing other assets, whilst utilising new technology to improve productivity and reduce costs
  • Reviewing delivery options for services in future

It’s a chance to work across the organisation, with neighbouring councils and with partners and stakeholders at local, sub-regional and national level as you provide vision and direction for projects, programmes and this portfolio of services. You’ll also use your expertise to provide strategic advice to elected members of the city council and partner organisations.

An ambitious council

We provide a wide range of services which are more comprehensive than the average district. Our key objective includes a commitment to sharing prosperity and making Cambridge “Fair for All”. To do this, we are investing in developing new Council housing and maintaining our existing properties; investing in support to vulnerable people; and investing in quality of life through parks, open spaces, and community centres.

As a rapidly growing city, with low social mobility, we are focused on supporting our existing and new communities to come together through a range of sports and cultural activities, and through working in partnership with local businesses as well as housing associations, health and social care, and third sector bodies.

As a Council, our turnover is c. £155 million a year. We have our own Housing Stock, a Commercial property portfolio and run a range of services that generate an income for us.

We are not retrenching in the face of austerity but transforming how we do business and investing for the future. We have been developing new ways of providing services including a trusts, arms-length organisations and new council businesses. We have a housing company, Cambridge City Housing Ltd, piloting intermediate housing as a General Fund investment, and an Investment Partnership to deliver new homes.

We have significant capital investment plans including the redevelopment of the council’s Mill Road depot site.

Our ambition is reflected in our public sector partnerships. We share a range of services with our neighbouring districts, in particular South Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire, and will continue to explore opportunities for shared services, or for the co-location of teams for local delivery, with our partners.

We are overseeing significant growth in the Greater Cambridge area – the local plans for Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire have been developed side by side and will deliver 33,500 new homes and 44,000 new jobs between 2011 and 2031. We are not planning services just for today but for the new communities of tomorrow.

We are part of the only two tier devolution deal in the country – the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined authority came into being in May 2017, bringing significant investment, including £100M for affordable housing county-wide and £70M for Council housing in the city.

This is in addition to the existing City Deal partnership for Greater Cambridge. This agreement with Central Government promises up to £500 million worth of funding over the next 15 years.

We have set up a housing development agency – one of its key priorities is to deliver at least 500 new council houses using the devolution grant of £70m to meet affordable housing need in the city.

An ambitious city

Cambridge is a thriving and vibrant place to live and work, with a beautiful historic core, a strong economy and a promising future. The city competes on a global stage and is a gateway for high-tech investment into the UK.

Greater Cambridge’s economic success to date is the story of a networked and connected city region characterised by world-leading innovation. The hi-tech, bio-medical and other clusters in our area have over 1,500 technology companies employing more than 57,000 people and a combined economy of over £13bn. Some of this success has been achieved by strong partnership working in the sub-region which has facilitated housing and jobs growth.

One of the joys of working in Cambridge is the quality and ambition of our private sector and university partners. The creativity and innovation generated here is breathtaking – Cambridge had more patents registered (per 100,000 of population) in 2014 than the next 7 cities combined and over 28 times the UK average.

We have a track record of strong and united partnership working between members and officers and a committed and dedicated staff team. If you have the enthusiasm and are up for helping us tackle these challenges, we hope you will consider applying and joining that team, and helping us to take Cambridge forward, with a focus on sharing the benefits of growth with our whole population, protecting our natural and historic environment as we do so. It is not a job for the faint hearted but you will have our full backing in transforming the way we run services and do business. We want to support you to create new opportunities with our partners, target our services to those who need them most, and lead a staff team we are so proud of. We hope you will be too.

Suzanne Hemingway and Fiona Bryant (strategic directors)

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