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Cambridge City Council

Volunteer for Cambridge Fair

Volunteer for Cambridge helps local community organisations and charities attract volunteers.

We held a fair every October from 2015 to 2018, attracting about 80 organisations each year. About 800 people attended each fair to learn about the range of local charities and volunteering groups. Many went on to volunteer to help a cause they care about.

Volunteer for Cambridge Fair 2020

There was no fair in 2020, because of the coronavirus pandemic. We hope to be able to run the fair in 2021.

Volunteer for Cambridge Fair 2019

There was no fair in 2019. Instead, we and the Cambridge Council for Voluntary Service held a conference in November. Ingleton Wood sponsored the event.

The Mayor opened the conference, and Cllr Anna Smith spoke about the value and importance of volunteer organisations. VĂ©ronique Jochum of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations gave the keynote presentation. She talked about their Time Well Spent report.

A series of workshops on varying aspects of volunteering followed. Each session was led by representatives from local community organisations and businesses. The whole day was signed by two British Sign Language signers, and an artist created images covering all the themes.

How inclusive are we? examined what organisations can do to overcome the barriers that some people face when attempting to volunteer. It looked at how we could better reflect the communities we serve, and whether we are doing enough to encourage volunteers.

How flexible are we? debated issues such as whether we can let people try volunteering without commitment. It asked how we can accommodate people who have limited time to offer, and how responsive we are to volunteers' interests and skills.

Making volunteering attractive and relevant examined how effective organisations are at retaining volunteers. It asked what recognition or incentives are offered, and how we know what volunteers want.

The final session was How do we make business volunteering work for everyone? It examined topics such as whether we know what the business sector wants, and how the volunteering sector can engage better with it.