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Coronavirus update from the Greater Cambridge Shared Planning service

Last updated on 20 May 2020.

We are doing our very best during these difficult circumstances to continue deliver the best service that we can.

However, in the context of the need for all of us – both staff and customers – to adhere to government advice regarding social distancing and staying at home, we are having to adapt some of the services we provide.

Please do not contact council offices until further notice. Contact us at or the specific contact details listed below if you have any questions. Please bear in mind that we might have reduced staff capacity at times.

The changes we have made are as follows:

  • All correspondence should be submitted electronically to avoid delays in processing.
  • You must submit local land charge searches electronically.
  • We will return all personal search requests electronically.
  • We will provide planning duty officer advice by telephone.
  • We are unable to process printed planning applications, so you should submit them electronically via the Planning Portal if possible, or by email.
  • Site notices are now being displayed at all locations where they form part of the formal consultation process. This includes applications previously submitted during lockdown that were subsequently ‘put on hold’. Due to current restrictions on social distancing there might be a short delay in processing and distribution. 
  • Although social distancing requirements are still in place, we are able to process and make a decision on the majority of planning applications. Additional contextual information and photographs may be requested to assist where site access is not possible or limited. In a small number of cases, there may be a need for a degree of access to properties that would compromise social distancing requirements, so we may not be able to make a decision on such applications at the present time.
  • Virtual Planning Committee meetings are now taking place.
  • Our meetings are being conducted online and by telephone.
  • We are still sending out notifications to neighbours where an application directly relates to their property.
  • We continue to place planning notices in the local press where appropriate.