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Green bin collections suspended until further notice

We have suspended green bin collections until Monday 4 May, during the coronavirus pandemic. We will extend this period if necessary.

Normally, we would plan for such a significant change and have time to apply notes to residents’ bin. We did not have the time to do this because of the extraordinary circumstances.

Unlike black bins, garden waste collections are not a statutory service – and you can dispose of food waste in your black bin. So while we have fewer staff than normal available, we have decided to focus on emptying black and blue bins.

It is likely that we'll miss some black and blue bin collections, or collect them a day late, if our staff levels change at short notice. We will try to ensure there is as little disruption as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

If your green bin is full, you can transfer food waste into your black bin. You could also move garden waste onto a compost heap – but please do not burn it on a bonfire.

If you leave waste in the bin, we recommend keeping it in the shade and removing any food waste.

The household recycling centres at Milton and Thriplow are closed until further notice.

If you have a permit for an additional green bin, we will not issue a refund as a result of this change. Instead, we will review the renewal charge later in the year - we'll contact you about this nearer the time.

There will also be no Council Tax refunds following this change. We are still providing a statutory service, and Council Tax does not only pay for bin collections.

If you want to help, please wash your bin handles and lids with mild disinfectant before you put them out for collection. Also, please park considerately so our collection vehicles can access your road.

And when you go outside, take your litter and dog poo home and put it in your black bin, to reduce pressure on our street-cleaning crews.