Traffic regulation order

We introduced a traffic regulation order (TRO) in 2016.

We are amending the traffic regulation order. Any comments about the proposed changes must be sent to us by 16 February 2018. Write to James Elms, Head of Commercial Services, Cambridge City Council, PO BOX 700, Cambridge CB1 0JH.

The effect of the new order is to increase the quarterly fees for season permit holders at our multi-storey car parks (excluding the Grand Arcade).  We've also amended the charging hours at our multi-storey car parks to start at 7am and blue badge holders will be allowed the first 3 hours of parking free at the Grand Arcade over a 24 hour period.

The new Order also includes additional car parks for permit holders, free parking and parking controls for some of our garage forecourts, as well as allowing other authorised parking devices to be introduced to allow alternative forms of payment to park at our multi-storey car parks from time to time. 

The main purpose of this new Traffic Regulation Order is to include all of the car parks within the city that are currently not governed by the TRO as well as some garage forecourt areas, under one Order for enforcement purposes.

All parking areas covered by the Order
Situation of parking placeShown on plan
Park Street multi-storey car park Plan 1 [PDF, 196kB]
Grafton Centre West  multi-storey car park Plan 2 [PDF, 246kB]
Grafton Centre East  multi-storey car park Plan 3 [PDF, 229kB]
Queen Anne Terrace  multi-storey car park Plan 4 [PDF, 184kB]
Grand Arcade  multi-storey car park Plan 5 [PDF, 218kB]
Adam and Eve Street pay and display car park Plan 6 [PDF, 146kB]
Castle Hill  pay and display car park Plan 7 [PDF, 142kB]
Abbey Road/Riverside  pay and display car park Plan 8 [PDF, 173kB]
Gwydir Street  pay and display car park Plan 9 [PDF, 143kB]
Petworth Street car park Plan 10 [PDF, 146kB]
Access Road to Gwydir Enterprise Centre car park, Gwydir Street Plan 16 [PDF, 136kB]
Gwydir Enterprise Centre car park, Gwydir Street Plan 17 [PDF, 134kB]
Dales Brewery car park, Gwydir Street Plan 18 [PDF, 139kB]
99-105 Gwydir Street car park, Gwydir Street Plan 19 [PDF, 130kB]
Ditchburn Place car park, Ditchburn Place Plan 20 [PDF, 231kB]
Norfolk Street car park, Norfolk Street Plan 21 [PDF, 144kB]
Shenstone House / Fazely House / Staffordshire Court car park, Staffordshire Gardens Plan 22 [PDF, 145kB]
Bermuda Road car park, Bermuda Road Plan 23 [PDF, 137kB]
Davy Road car park, Davy Road Plan 24 [PDF, 126kB]
Russell Court car park, Russell Court Plan 25 [PDF, 145kB]
Hanover Court  / Princess Court car park, George IV Street Plan 26 [PDF, 142kB]
Coronation Mews car park, Coronation Street Plan 31 [PDF, 146kB]
Alex Wood Road car park Plan 11 [PDF, 135kB]
Campkin Road car park Plan 12 [PDF, 139kB]
Great Eastern Street car park Plan 13 [PDF, 134kB]
Colville Road car park Plan 14 [PDF, 133kB]
Sleaford Street / Ainsworth Street car park Plan 15 [PDF, 136kB]
Abbey Pool car park Plan 27 [PDF, 124kB]
Cherry Hinton Hall car park Plan 28 [PDF, 129kB]
Lammas Land car park Plan 29 [PDF, 131kB]
Nightingale Recreation Ground car park Plan 30 [PDF, 129kB]
Ashbury Close (garage forecourt) Plan 101 [PDF, 135kB]
Barnes Close (garage forecourt) Plan 102 [PDF, 132kB]
Britten Place (garage forecourt) Plan 103 [PDF, 139kB]
Seymour Street (garage forecourt) Plan 104 [PDF, 131kB]
Colville Road (garage forecourt) Plan 105 [PDF, 130kB]
Davy Road (garage forecourt) Plan 106 [PDF, 131kB]
Dennis Road (garage forecourt) Plan 107 [PDF, 135kB]
Dunsmore Close (garage forecourt) Plan 108 [PDF, 138kB]
Fanshawe Road (garage forecourt) Plan 109 [PDF, 123kB]
Flamsteed Road (garage forecourt) Plan 110 [PDF, 124kB]
Golding Road (garage forecourt) Plan 111 [PDF, 128kB]
Greystoke Court (garage forecourt) Plan 112 [PDF, 138kB]
Hooper Street (garage forecourt) Plan 113 [PDF, 133kB]
Langdale Close (garage forecourt) Plan 114 [PDF, 141kB]
Newtown (garage forecourt) Plan 115 [PDF, 139kB]
St. Matthew’s Street (garage forecourt) Plan 116 [PDF, 145kB]
Staffordshire Street (garage forecourt) Plan 117 [PDF, 147kB]
East Road (garage forecourt) Plan 118 [PDF, 149kB]

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