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Statement of community involvement

Planning shapes the places where we live, work and play. For this reason everyone should have the opportunity to get involved in the planning process – which is where the statement of community involvement plays a vital role.

We want to actively engage with the community and have drawn up a consultation strategy for planning in Cambridge which sets out how and when we will involve the community and key stakeholders in preparing, altering and reviewing our plans and guidance to guide future development in the city. It will also explain how we will involve the community in planning applications.

While there are plenty of opportunities for you to become involved in the planning process, it is vital that community engagement starts at an early stage. This means that you can help influence how future growth and development will happen in the city.

Your local knowledge will help ensure that development in the city benefits the community as a whole, while protecting that which makes Cambridge special.

The Statement of Community Involvement in Cambridge was adopted by the Development Plan Scrutiny Sub Committee in November 2013.

An addendum to the statement was agreed by the Planning and Transport Scrutiny Committee in June 2018. It provides an update in relation to neighbourhood planning.

The addendum is supported by an appendix setting out the support available to groups wishing to prepare a neighbourhood plan.

Consultation on new statement

We and South Cambridgeshire District Council have jointly drafted a new statement of community involvement.

The statement describes how the public, businesses, interest groups and individuals can get involved in the creation of local planning policy and the planning application process, aiming at shaping where we live, work and trade.

We asked for your views on this this document, and what you think of our approach to consultation and community involvement. The Greater Cambridge Statement of Community Involvement consultation was open from 11 February to 25 March 2019.

All comments received will be considered and any necessary amendments will be made to produce the final statement. This will then be taken to committees at both councils for approval. The adopted statement will be published on both councils’ websites, and used to inform future engagement in planning matters.

Consultation documents

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