Safer City grants

The Safer City grant scheme provides either start-up funding to new, potentially on-going community-based projects or one-off grants to time-limited community-based projects that will help tackle crime, the fear of crime and antisocial behaviour in Cambridge.

You can apply for a grant up to a maximum of £5,000, however, you must clearly demonstrate that there is a need for the funding and support this with evidence, costings and quotes, where appropriate.

If you need help in defining the nature and extent of the problem you want to address and in planning a project, please read the informative booklet on guidelines for monitoring and evaluation [PDF].

The Safer City grant scheme will provide funding for projects that will impact across the city of Cambridge. Applications for funding for more area-focussed projects should be made through area committee funding.

Criteria governing Safer City grants

A successful application will need to demonstrate a majority of the following:

  • The application is submitted by a group with a clear structure, and not an individual
  • There is an identified need for the project, which is supported by evidence
  • The project involves working in partnership with the community or other organisations
  • The aims of the project are clearly defined
  • The project is realistically costed
  • The project represents value for money when comparing the amount of grant requested with the benefits described
  • The project falls within one of the Cambridge Community Safety Partnership's priority areas
  • The ways in which the project will be monitored and evaluated have been considered
  • The grant required is no more than £5,000

Applying for a grant

It is important that you read the guidance notes carefully, before you complete the application form, in order to ensure that you submit a valid application.

If you wish to discuss your project, the likelihood of it receiving funding, and the application process, you can contact us on 01223 457042.

What will happen next

After your application is received and checked, it will be acknowledged.

We will then consider whether the project has merit, taking into account supporting evidence and discussions with identified partners (as appropriate).

We will endeavour to give you a decision on your application within five weeks of the date of acknowledgement.

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