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S106 priority setting

Last updated: 28 June 2019

2019 S106 funding round: Update on successful projects

Earlier this year, we invited proposals for improving play areas, open spaces and community facilities in Cambridge as part of our 2019 S106 funding round.

We reported our assessment of these proposals to Council scrutiny committees in late June 2019.

All recommendations for funding new projects (included in these reports) have been agreed, subject to conditions. Two further project proposals have also been allocated funding. See the list of projects allocated S106 funding in the 2019 round [PDF, 22KB].

The 2019 funding round is now closed and we are not inviting further applications at this stage.

2020 S106 funding round

The next S106 funding round is currently scheduled to take place in spring 2020, with funding decisions in June next year.

The remaining availability of generic S106 funding is limited and unevenly spread across the city. Bids will only be encouraged from those parts of the city where S106 funding is still available.


The arrangements for S106 funding rounds have been set out in S106 reports.

The recommendations in both reports were approved.

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