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S106 priority setting

Last updated: 2 October 2020

2020 S106 funding round

The 2020 S106 funding round is now closed. Applications were invited between mid-March to the end of July. Proposals received (for improvements to play areas, open spaces and community facilities) were assessed against our S106 selection criteria.

The funding recommendations were reported to the relevant Council scrutiny committees on 29 September and 1 October 2020.

2021 S106 funding round

We currently expect that applications for the next generic S106 funding round will be invited in March and April 2021, followed by priority-setting reports to scrutiny committee in June 2021.

Please note that proposals will need to be focussed on those parts of the city where relevant generic S106 contributions are still available. Updated details of S106 funding availability will be posted here nearer the start of the 2021 funding round.