S106 priority setting

Last updated: 5 April 2018

Grant applications now being assessed

The eight-week application round for seeking S106 grants to improve local community facilities and carry out small-scale public art projects in Cambridge has now closed. The applications received are now being assessed against the selection criteria.

Public art

Find out more about the small-scale public art grants round, which has been aimed at community groups working in partnership with professional artists.

If you have any questions, email publicart@cambridge.gov.uk.

Community facilities

The community facilities S106 grant round has been aimed at community groups and not-for-profit organisations. It is a competitive process, taking account of the selection criteria [PDF, 30kB] and funding availability.

Decisions on grant awards (subject to relevant conditions) are due to be made by the end of June. All successful community facilities S106 grant recipients will then need to sign a grant agreement. Here is an example [PDF, 242kB].

Update on S106 funding availability

S106 funding availability for community facilities varies considerably across the city. See the summary of funding availability (as at 7 March 2018) [PDF, 43kB].

  • There is none left available in Arbury, Castle, Cherry Hinton and Newnham: we advised prospective applicants that in these wards, it was probably not worth applying for a community facility grant.
  • S106 funding for community facilities projects is available in other wards (in particular, Coleridge and Queen Edith's have more than £100,000 available).

If you have any questions, email bridget.keady@cambridge.gov.uk.

Projects funded from the 2017 S106 round

Proposals for play area and open space improvements and small-scale public art projects were invited in late 2016 and assessed against our 2016/17 S106 selection criteria in early 2017. Decisions about which eligible proposals to fund (subject to conditions) were made in spring 2017. See the list of 2016/17 prioritised projects [PDF, 23kB].

These projects are now being taken forward. See S106 projects.

Other S106 contribution types

No decisions have yet been made about arrangements for other S106 funding rounds. This is because the availability of developer contributions for other S106 funding rounds is running down. See Changes to S106 funding.

We are currently not accepting applications for other S106 funding types. 

If you have any questions, phone our S106 programme co-ordinator on 01223 457313 or email S106@cambridge.gov.uk.

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