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Cambridge City Council

Review of long-term empty properties

We are reviewing all properties registered as empty and unfurnished, to make sure our records are correct.

If you own a property that we understand is empty and unfurnished, you should have received a letter from us about this review. Please complete our online form to verify or update the status of your property.

You’ll need your Council Tax account and canvass numbers to complete the form. We included these in the letter we sent you.

Please complete the form even if you have recently contacted us about a change of circumstances.

If you do not respond, we’ll write to you again to remind you to complete the form. We will also carry out further checks to identify the status of your property.

Change of circumstances

If your property is no longer empty, or will be occupied soon, you must let us know and tell us who lives there, excluding anybody under 18.

If the new occupants can be disregarded for Council Tax purposes, tell us why. We included information about disregarded people with the letter we sent you.

If the new occupants do not stay at the property all the time but keep their belongings there, we class it as their main residence. You should include them in your response if this is the case.