Property Accreditation scheme

Throughout the country, it is becoming increasingly evident that the private rental market is rapidly expanding. With an ever-changing and diverse range of households now choosing to rent, it is even more vital that the accommodation achieves a new standard of cleanliness and safety, while being well managed.

In light of this, Cambridge City Council has introduced an accreditation scheme for landlords and letting agents. They can sign up to a Code of Standards to demonstrate that the properties they rent out are to such a standard that they are recognised as reputable landlords and agents. This has the added benefit that they are more likely to attract a higher calibre of tenant.

As part of this new approach, we are seeking to work with residential landlords and give them a stake in decisions that affect them. This is being done by:

  • offering landlords information that helps them to manage their properties better
  • arranging meetings or forums where landlords can exchange views with local authority officers
  • setting up voluntary accreditation schemes that recognise and reward landlords who manage their properties to a good standard

The scheme is free to join and is done so on a voluntary basis. There is no compulsion to join, but landlords and agents who do join may have access to various benefits such as:

  • discount on new HMO licence fee and subsequent renewals
  • priority access to grants
  • updates on legislation
  • free advertising on the accreditation website
  • the benefit of attracting good tenants
  • discounted insurance packages
  • the business advantage of advertising their accredited status to tenants who place emphasis on good quality and well managed accommodation.

The Cambridge Property Accreditation Scheme has proved to be a great success with almost 500 properties accredited since 2007, and many more waiting in the pipeline.


Accreditation is a code of standards relating to the management and physical condition of privately rented accommodation.

Landlords who join a scheme and abide by the standards may have their properties 'accredited'.


There are regular newsletters about the scheme, which you can download here:


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