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Pre-application charging for listed buildings and conservation

Charging applies to proposals that involve significant time from our conservation officers; while we still wish to encourage discussion of proposals at as early a stage as possible, it has become necessary to make a modest charge towards covering the costs of doing so.

Note: there are no charges for householder applications.

For pre-application advice about Listed Buildings, where the proposal involves planning pre-application advice as well, the PREAPP/PREAPH forms should be used (listed as Householder or Developer pre-application requests).

For Listed Building advice only, the PREAPL form should be used (listed as Listed Building pre-application request).

Both of these forms are available in the pre-application advice page. 

A guidance note [PDF, 111KB] and a schedule of charges [PDF, 34KB] are also available for advice and information.

Pre-application charging for Listed Buildings is not intended to apply to requests for advice in a situation where for instance, urgent work needs to be carried out for safety reasons or situations where a site issue comes to light during approved works proceeding.  Our conservation officers can react flexibly and charges do not apply in such cases.

These pre-application charges came into operation on 1 October 2014.

Listed Building Consent remains a free application.

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