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Cambridge City Council

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Planning enforcement service standards

Whether you run a business or are a member of the public, we are committed to providing you with an efficient, courteous and helpful service and our service standard document tells you how we aim to do that and what standards we will meet.

Areas we regulate

How we deliver our services

We make a fundamental contribution to the maintenance and improvement of the public realm, quality of life and wellbeing. Our aims are to:

  • Remedy the undesirable effects of unauthorised development
  • Strike a balance between protecting amenity and other interests of acknowledged importance throughout the Authority’s area.
  • Ensure that the credibility of the planning system is not undermined
  • Carry out all compliance duties in accordance with the principles of the Planning Enforcement Policy and the Regulators Code, particularly with respect to openness, helpfulness, proportionality and consistency
  • Be both reactive and pro-active in the investigation of complaints, particularly to ensure the compliance with conditions imposed on planning permissions.

Download our Planning Enforcement Service Standards [PDF, 49Kb]

Visit our Planning enforcement page for details of our service and to download the planning enforcement policy.