Pay for an extra green bin

A 240 and 140 Litre green recycling binEvery household in the city is entitled to one green bin for food and garden waste, which we collect fortnightly. 

You can pay to have up to a further three green bins, which we'll empty along with your first green bin. Fees are:

  • £35 a year for each additional standard sized (240 litre) green bin
  • £30 a year for each additional small (140 litre) green bin

The yearly charge is from October to October, per extra bin you have. You can sign up for extra green bins to be emptied at any time during the year (or order new bins) but we will charge for the full year. There are no discounts or concessions. You will then receive a reminder the following September asking if you wish to remain in the scheme and pay for the next year.

  • If ordering additional green bins, delivery may take up to 4 weeks.


Pay for your additional green bin

  • If you already have an extra green bin(s), you need to pay for it/them to be emptied.
  • If you would like to order an extra green bin(s) to be delivered to you, you will need to pay for it/them to be emptied.

Once you have paid for your bin(s) you will receive a sticker to display on the bin. It's important you stick this on the back of your bin so the collection crew can see it has been paid for and know to empty it.

You can also visit us at our customer service centre or phone us to order an extra green bin.

Bins remain the property of Cambridge City Council.

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