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Last reviewed: 23 October 2017

S106 developer contributions have to be used in line with policy requirements, regulations and conditions set in S106 agreements.

S106 process

Decisions on the use of S106 funding are made by area committees or executive councillors, depending on the type of project. All proposals for funding are assessed against our criteria for S106 funding and reported to committee. Here is list of committee reports on S106 matters over the last five years [PDF, 26kB].

See our S106 priority setting page for details of projects allocated developer contributions in our 2016/17 S106 funding round.

All community and sports facility projects funded by S106 grants to community groups and organisations have community use agreements to ensure that they are accessible to all.

Other funding sources

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Did you know.....? The council has secured £4 million for open spaces in Cambridge to help mitigate the impact of development. A further 135 hectares of public open space is being provided as part of the major growth sites on the city's southern and north-west fringes. See Open spaces and S106 contributions [PDF, 35kB].

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