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New community engagement team

The team will be running a number of our services that maintain our streets and open spaces

On-street vehicle sales and repairs

It is an offence to offer two or more vehicles for sale within 500 metres of each other for business purposes. An individual selling multiple vehicles will not be convicted if they can prove they were not acting for the purposes of a business.

It is an offence to repair vehicles in the street as part of the running of a vehicle-repair business, or for an individual to repair their own vehicle in the street if doing so gives reasonable cause for annoyance to their neighbours.

Roadside-assistance organisations or mechanics repairing broken-down vehicles at the roadside are exempt as long as the work is completed within 72 hours.

We may issue a fixed penalty notice of £100 for either of these offences. The maximum penalty on conviction is a fine of up to £2,500.

If you suspect either of these offences may be taking place, please report the details to us.

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