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Housing portal maintenance 14 April

The housing portal will be unavailable between 6pm and 9pm this evening. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Non-secured grants from HIA

A number of grants are available for people with less than £20,000 in savings who have owned their property for more than three years.

Quick-hit grant

This grant is not means tested, but to qualify you must be over 60 years of age, have less than £20,000 in savings, and own and live in the property for which you are applying for assistance.

Up to £1,000 is available as a one-off payment to carry out emergency or very minor repairs on your property.

This grant is not repayable and multiple claims up to a total of £1,000 can be made over a five year period.

Decorating grant

A one-off, non-secured and non-repayable grant of up to £500 is available to owner-occupiers who are on means tested benefits and are disabled, or are aged 60 years or over and on means tested benefits.


We are reviewing our enquiry and application forms – contact us at or 01954 713071 to request a form.


For more information email Cambs HIA at or phone 01954 713347 or 713330.