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Cambridge City Council

Council to begin fish pass enhancements at Byron’s Pool Local Nature Reserve, Trumpington

17 June 2022

CAMBRIDGE City Council is working with the Wild Trout Trust to deliver enhancements to the fish pass at Byron’s Pool local nature reserve, Trumpington, over the next four weeks.

The fish pass is a small water course created by the council in 2010 to allow fish and other species to swim around the Environment Agency’s concrete weir across the river. The weir artificially raises upstream water levels for the historic water mills but creates a barrier to fish wanting to move upstream or downstream to breed.

The fish pass also provides a place for fish and other aquatic wildlife to rest and breed, and the sound of flowing water is enjoyable for visitors. 

The planned enhancements to the fish pass include removal of previous metal wire bank treatments, introduction of gravels and logs and raising the downstream bed level, further improving the conditions for breeding and migration of fish and invertebrates.

Works to reduce the flow of water and safely disperse fish in the area are expected to begin on Friday 17 June, in preparation for the enhancement project.

Byron’s Pool and Trumpington Meadows Country Park, which is next to the local nature reserve, will remain open to residents, but the car park capacity will be reduced and some of the riverside footpath will be closed from Monday 20 June for four weeks to allow for the works to be carried out.

When visiting the reserve, residents are asked to keep their dogs on leads whilst the works are being carried out to avoid dogs entering the work area. The works will not affect the River Cam and fishing is still permitted from most of the fishing platforms.

Cllr Alex Collis, Executive Councillor for Open Spaces, Food Justice and Community Development, said: “As part of the council’s commitment to improving biodiversity and protecting the environment, we have been working very closely with our partners to deliver enhancements at Byron’s Pool, while keeping disruption to visitors at a minimum.

“The enhancements will help to support the current fish species and invertebrates at Byron’s Pool, which will contribute to bettering conditions for wildlife in the city.

“As the weather improves, we understand that residents will be keen to visit our open spaces, which is why we are working to deliver this project as swiftly as possible.”