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Cambridge City Council

Council Tax energy rebate of £150 available soon to help households with rising energy bills

12 April 2022

ALMOST ALL Cambridge households in Council Tax bands A to D will be eligible for financial help of £150 this year under a national Government scheme to help with increased energy bills. 

For households that qualify for the one-off £150 energy rebate from the Government and pay their Council Tax by direct debit from a bank account, Cambridge City Council will automatically credit this amount directly to that bank account.  

This is not part of the Council Tax system, so it will be paid separately. It does not show on annual Council Tax bills, which have recently been delivered to homes across Cambridge. 

The council is currently waiting for further details about the arrangements for the scheme and so payments are not likely to be made until mid-April at the earliest. 

Residents who qualify for the energy rebate and pay Council Tax by direct debit do not need to take any action. The energy rebate will be paid shortly after the first Council Tax payment has been taken because the council needs to verify bank account details first.  

If households do not pay their Council Tax by direct debit, the council does not have their bank details so will contact them using a secure reference, probably towards the end of April, to get these. Residents in this position are asked not to send the council any details now but to wait until they are contacted by the council. 

The council will then be able to make the £150 energy rebate payment directly into the bank accounts of those who pay the Council Tax for households entitled to the energy rebate.  

Beyond the national scheme for households in Council Tax bands A to D, the government has provided a little extra funding for councils to develop their own local schemes to target households in greatest need that are particularly badly affected by increased fuel costs. The council is currently working with partners and local experts to define a local scheme for Cambridge and will publish details of this when more is known.  

In the meantime, residents can find out a number of ways to reduce their home energy and water use on the council’s website. Residents can also find out more information about the rebate, including how to apply, on the council’s website.