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Cambridge City Council

Statement on proposals to improve biodiversity and support water voles at Jesus Green

15 March 2022

Proposals for a biodiversity improvement project at Jesus Green are to be considered through the planning process. 

The project relates to an area to the south east corner of Jesus Green and the proposals are to remove a section of existing concrete retaining ditch wall and create a new wetland area using an area of parkland beyond.

Cllr Alex Collis, Executive Councillor for Open Spaces, Sustainable Food and Community Wellbeing, said: “Our proposals are about protecting wildlife and enhancing the site for water voles by creating a wetland with a higher diversity of aquatic plants for food and cover. 

“This project is still at a very early stage, and no decisions have been made yet. It still needs to be considered through the planning process.

“We have commissioned two water vole surveys from experts MKA Ecology that have so far indicated low use of the concrete bank that we propose to remove. However, we’re carrying out a further survey this month to gather more information and we will adapt our proposals in the light of the results.

"Everything we do with this project will be led by our desire to enhance and support biodiversity and support water voles in the area.”