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Cambridge City Council

Residents invited to register for group solar panel scheme to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions

9 March 2022

CAMBRIDGE City Council is urging residents to join a county-wide scheme that could reduce their household’s energy costs and carbon emissions before 15 March. 

Solar Together Cambridgeshire supports residents looking to switch to renewable energy by enabling them to purchase solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and battery storage at significant discounts.  

By coming together as a group, residents have additional bargaining power to find a provider offering more competitive pricing than individual homeowners might be offered if going it alone. 

The city council is working in partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council and independent experts iChoosr, to promote the scheme to make the transition to clean energy as cost effective and hassle-free as possible. 

It is free to register to join the group-buying scheme which offers solar panels with optional battery storage. The scheme also offers retrofit battery storage for residents who have already invested in solar panels and are looking to store some of the renewable energy they generate, as well as increase their independence from the national electricity grid.  

Cllr Rosy Moore, Executive Councillor for Climate Change, Environment and City Centre, said: “Installing solar panels and battery storage can help residents to reduce their electricity bills whilst cutting their carbon footprint and playing their part in working to make Cambridge net zero by 2030. 

“It’s going to take a real collective effort by everyone in Cambridge to reduce the city’s emissions, save energy and fight climate change. Nobody can do it alone, but if we all identify some changes we could make, like installing solar panels through cost-effective schemes such as Solar Together, we can make a real difference to bringing about a cleaner, greener, zero carbon Cambridge, whilst also making savings on our own energy bills at this time of bill rises and uncertainty.”  

There is no obligation to go ahead with an installation when the auction takes place on 15 March but residents must register for the scheme before this date. Visit to find out more about how the process works and to register now.